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How to Make a Drum Trigger // DIY Drum Trigger

I made a trigger and tested it in this video. It’s cheap, I spent less than 5 bucks for the piezo, the jack and the wire. And it’s super easy and quick. You can make a whole drum kit/set out of them on any surface you like or just turn your acoustic set to an electronic set, which is a topic for a future video that I’ll make soon.

DigiTech TR-7 Demo

I’ve recorded a video demo for DigiTech TR-7 guitar pedal.
Signal Chain:
Guitar — TR-7 — Audio Interface — DAW (Amp Sim/Cab)
I plugged my guitar into TR-7 pedal and from there, sent the stereo signal straight to audio interface and then in DAW, I used AmpliTube 4 as my amp sim; “American Tube Clean 1: 100W 6L6” which goes into “4×10 Open Vintage” cab, miced with “Condenser 87”.
For more info about this pedal, click here.

Ovation Elite Acoustic Guitar Demo

I improvised a little on this beautiful instrument. If you’re considering this guitar, buy it. I fell in love with its sound and used it in my music. I used 10-50 strings in this video.
For more info about these guitars, click here.